About RAHA

Regional Institute of Policy Research and Training

Regional Institute of Policy Research and Training (RIPORT) is a registered non-profit Peshawar based organization. RIPORT’s head office is located at 10-C, Sifwat Ghayur Road, University Town, Peshawar. It was founded in 2005. The Institute is presently operating in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and the Federally Administered Tribal Areas.

About RAHA

The RAHA project is a joint initiative of the Govt. of Pakistan (SAFRON/CCAR/EAD) and UNDP/UNHCR with participating UN agencies (WHO, UNESCO, FAO, UNICEF, ILO&WFP) under the one UN frame work, this initiative is a joint program component of the agriculture, rural development and poverty reduction joint program.
The project allows for targeted assistance to support temporary stay of Afghans in Pakistan to promote coexistence with the host communities through joint activities and to address special needs arising from the voluntary returned trends and challenges in the context of the repatriation, integration and management of remaining Afghan population in Pakistan.

Support for Livelihood Enhancement Project

Lack of livelihood opportunities is one of the major causes of many social problems now-a-days. Through this initiative RIPORT intends to improve livelihood of at least 150 households including both Pakistani and Afghan community in three selected Union Councils of Peshawar city through skill development in various trades that are imperative for earning livelihood.


  • Providing experienced workforce to job market through a technical and vocational training program for 1.5 months and placing beneficiaries at apprenticeship for 1-4 months within District Peshawar and providing them grants in shape of toolkits for sustainable livelihood.
  • Building linkages with community based organizations of the local areas at grassroots level for sustainable development of the hosting areas and Afghan refugees.

Trades we offer

The beneficiaries will be placed on training and apprenticeship in the following areas;

  • Mobile repairing
  • Plumber
  • Carpentry
  • Auto electrician
  • Tailoring (female)
  • Handicraft (female)

Who are our targets?

RIPORT through this initiative intends to improve livelihood of all following vulnerable/marginalized households;

  • No bread earner at home
  • Orphans
  • Child headed households (child-headed household is defined as a family unit where all the residents are younger then 18 years old)
  • Female headed households
  • Disabled
  • Widows
  • Other marginalized community members (Any household whose monthly income is below the minimum wage in Pakistan i.e. Rs. 8,000)

Project Implementation

Step 1: Identification of households

Our Community Mobilizers (CMs) will visit your area and will meet your representatives, i.e. imam masjid, school teachers and elders, for community mapping.

Our CMs These representatives will help us in identifying the households/individuals who meet our set criteria.
After general community meetings, our CMs will visit individual households for a short interview with the identified household head and the candidate interested in training program.

Once identified and interviewed, RIPORT will select 150 individuals (120 male and 30 female) who will become beneficiary of this project. The shortlisting of these 150 individuals will be purely on merit basis.
For selection of beneficiaries, RIPORT will use poverty scorecard.

Step 2: Technical and vocational training 
RIPORT with the help of its partners will enroll in the selected beneficiaries in the respective trades for 1.5 days training program.

Step 3: Provision of toolkits
After the successful completion of training, the beneficiaries will be provided with toolkits for their respective trades. The successful candidates will also be given training completion certificate from Government Technical Board.

Step 4: Placement at apprenticeships
After the completion of training, 90 successful trainees will be placed at apprenticeship for 1-4 month(s).

Step 5: Jobs placement (10-20% of the total successful trained apprentices)
RIPORT will place 10-20% of the total successful trained apprentices on job.


  • The selected beneficiaries will be provided 1.5 months training.
  • Each beneficiaries will receive a stipend of Rs. 8,000/- per month (including traveling fare) during the training program.
  • Successful trainees will be given toolkits in their respective trades.
  • Successful trainees will be given training completion certificates from Government Technical Board.
  • The successful trainees will be placed at apprenticeship for 1 to 4 months at their respective areas.
  • Each apprentices will receive a stipend of Rs. 10,000/- per month (including traveling fare) during the apprenticeship program.
  • RIPORT will also pay Rs. 2,000 per apprentices per month to the businesses/shops/workshops/cottage industries who provide the apprenticeships to the project beneficiaries.


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