RIPORT Returning Monitoring Project:


RIPORT is formulating a protection project to help the IDPs displaced by the militant launched in FATA. This project shall be in association with FATA Disaster Management Authority (FDMA) and UNHCR will be an implementation partner.

FDMA estimates that there are a total number of 203,295 IDPs in FATA today. Indications are that they will be more than these figures.

RIPORT’s return monitoring project aims to ensure the sustainable rehabilitation and reintegration of the returning IDPs and stayees and to ensure that the IDPs are provided facilities and protection within their respective areas so that they are enabled to re-start their livelihoods in their areas.

The following are the other objectives of this project.

  • Monitoring of reintegration of returnees both from camps and host locations
  • Identification of needs, problems that remain un-addressed. To enumerate the number of returnees assisted during reintegration process and reasons for people not returning to their homes.
  • Identification of highly vulnerable individual in the targeted agencies.
  • Introducing and implementation of a system where access to all available services will be possible for targeted beneficiaries.
  • Providing advocacy through awareness programs that will facilitate increased level of awareness of returnee rights.
  • Using communication instruments to shift attitudes to positive and non-aggressive behavioral mode.
  • Exploration of new areas of assistance that will help in the early settlement of IDPs and that had remained un-addressed.
  • Producing futuristic research paper / reports to make the return process more effective aimed at achieving high level of coordination between the Projects, UNHCR and FDMA for more effective approach to the problems so identified
Gomal Zam