List of Publications


  1. NWFP Millennium Development Goals Report  (2005)
  2. Poverty Policy Frame Work in NWFP (2006)
  3. Need for Pak – Afghan Treaty on Management of Joint Water Course (2007)
  4. Causes of Rebellion in Waziristan  (2007)
  5. Social and Political Issues in South Asia (2008)
  6. Extending Stability to Pakistani Tribal Areas (2008)
  7. Genesis of Insurgency in FATA & Khyber Pukhtunkhwa (2008)
  8. Is there a Decline in Industrial production, Wages and Employment in Hayatabad Industrial Estate? (2009)
  9. Effectiveness of Basic Health Services provided in rural and Urban Areas of District Peshawar (2009)
  10. Policy Brief – Swat: Main Causes of the Rise of Militancy (NUPI 2010)
  11. Problems faced in education , health and justice areas by afghan refugees residing in Rural- Area Camps of Peshawar Division (2010)
  12. An assessment of Research Capacity in Educational Institute of Peshawar (social sciences faculty)  (2010)
  13. SWAT: The Main Causes Of The Breakdown Of Governance And Rise of Militancy by Khalid Aziz. (2011)
  14. Workshop Report -The Breakdown Of Governance And Rise of Militancy in Swat (2011)
  15. Militancy In The Pashtun Belt (2011)
  16. Report on Issues Faced by Afghan Refugees during Repatriation (VRP) (2012)
  17. Base Line Survey – Conflict Victims Survey Program (CVSP) (2012)
  18. Creating 1300 Jobs in Wazirstan (2012)
  19. Price Hike and its Impact on Household incomes in some localities of Peshawar District. (2012)
  20. Agenda for Fata reform (2012)
  21. Competitiveness Report on Private sector opportunities in KP – FATA (2012)
  22. RIPORT project review and  Audit Report for the Year (2012-13)
  23. Research Handbook on transition from traditional to irrigated agriculture. (2013)
  24. Report on “Increasing Effectiveness of Local Government Act 2013 (KP)” (Report to GIZ) (2013)
  25. Five Pillars of a Successful Transition in Afghanistan Post  (2014)
  26. Conditions for a Successful Transition in Afghanistan Post (2014)
  27. Regional Seminar for Enhancing Friendly Relation Between Afghanistan & Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province  (18 March 2015)
  28. Apocalypse on the Indus (3 Sept, 2015)
  29. Drivers of Radicalism & Extremism in Pakistan (Dec, 2015)
  30. 10 years Governance program for Fata 2015-2025 Final Draft Report (Submitted on 29-4-15) v.3


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