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The government of KPK has shown great interest and concern regarding various aspects pertaining to Gomal Zam dam after its completion. The government’s main interests are to derive maximum socio-economic benefits for the people of the command area and the economic sustainability of the project itself. In order to achieve these progressive goals, a proper mechanism involving detailed research needs to be adopted.
USAID has shown great interest and desire to help the provincial government by sponsoring the costs incurred on the preparatory research work involved in identification of these issues and their solutions prior to completion of Gomal Zam dam with a view to enhance the socio-economic conditions of this backward area.
The secretary P & D, KPK, has already held meetings with the stakeholders and has formed a sub-committee to examine all issues individually and find out solutions and place its recommendations before the next steering committee sometimes in the last week of this month.
The provincial government of KPK is aware of the RIPORT’s professional expertise in policy research and advocacy based on surveys and the implementation plans. The secretary P & D supports RIPORT’s idea of holding forum meeting on Gomal Zam project and believes that this will help to a great extent in understanding the core concerns and pulse of the beneficiaries involved



Gomal Zam Dam (Multipurpose project) is situated at Khajuri Kachh in South Waziristan Agency, about 100 kms from Tank in Tank district of KPK.
The dam’s planned provision is to store water of rivers Gomal, the Zhob and Wana Toi ensuring continuous water supply both for irrigation and drinking purposes, besides power generation in the second phase. The main project objectives are listed below:

  1. Irrigation leading to development of Agriculture and afforestation in approximate area of 231,893 acres of land
  2. Fodder cultivation resulting in livestock development
  3. Fish cultivation
  4. Serve as a flood protection dam and control flashy floods
  5. Betterment of socio-economic conditions in a backward area of country resulting in betterment of law and order situations
  6. Conserving and ameliorating the environment

WAPDA is the executing agency for implementation of the Gomal Zam dam and it is expected that the first phase of the project shall be completed in couple of years.

While a formalized relationship between the government and the stakeholders is expected to enable an alignment of beneficial goals and socio-economic growth for the command area as a whole, considerable preparatory and analytical work is required before the Gomal dam is completed. USAID recognizes the necessity of preparatory work essential for the realization of objectives and has shown interest in sponsoring the expenditure for the cause.
USAID proposes to implement the program through professionals in the field and recommends RIPORT for completion of goals.

RIPORT will hire consultants and staff who are well versed in economic policies, researches, regulatory frameworks, reform specialists, engineers and other relevant fields including media exposure. The facilitation services unit will be based at RIPORT Peshawar and will cover the command area of the project through regular visits and meeting the stakeholders and other concerned people. The sub-operational office will be hired in DIKhan.