Concept Paper for the Creation of RIPORT Policy Forum


KPK and FATA are in the midst of a serious crisis emanating out of the post 9/11 events in the region. The pressures from militants and other challengers of the state have weakened the writ of the state and the state is in retreat. Many plans are underway to re-establish governance. One of the major efforts is to provide capacity at different levels including within civil society and the security services.
A reason for the lack of adequate policy responses in different areas are the absence of focus as well research capacity in civil security on KPK and FATA to provide alternative policy proposals. RIPORT (REGIONAL Institute of Policy Research and Training, KPK) a registered policy research NGO created in 2005 intends to provide these inputs. This would be achieved by preparation of policy papers and survey reports that propose new policies to address some of the challenges facing the region.

RIPORT proposes to create a policy forum to discuss and debate matters of public concern facing the region. This forum will meet periodically to review problems of the region and provide recommendations to the stakeholders for meeting the challenges. It will also permit the preparation of further policy making in the desired areas.


  • Creating peace and stability in the KPK and FATA regions by integrating civil society, provincial and federal governments and research institutions for effective policy formulation and implementations.
  • obilization of civil society to create awareness in public and implement advocacy programs.


  • Debate and discussion leading to fruitful solutions of problems.
  • Discussing policy papers issued from time to time relating to the region.
  • Using the forum to invite influential policy makers for discussions for addressal of policy issues.
  • Holding of press conference, issue of press releases and publication of journal in the future.
  • Providing institutional help to the government in areas of policy reform.
  • Proposing research areas for further investigation.
  • Holding discussions that result in policy papers so that policy changes can be advocated.
  • Issuing short briefings/reports.
  • Holding press briefings.
  • Sponsoring a point of view in the media.
  • Assisting government in policy formulation.


Our proposed project will create awareness to freely discuss the issues faced by the society especially the war affected region. It will help resolve the problems and create peace.

  • It will enhance the capacities of state institutions and civil society organizations in the field of research.
  • By improving capacities in research, the real problems of the society will be highlighted and their root causes will be identified/ solved.
  • This will be guide in policy formulation and redress of the issue of deprivation among various neglected groups in society.
  • It will reduce trust deficit between government and its citizens.
  • It will lead to peace and stability in society.    


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