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Collective Actions & Hierarchal Relationships

RIPORT in partnership with London School of Economics (LSE) conducted survey of three months in district Swabi. The sample include following villages

  • Ambar
  • Beka
  • Jamalabad
  • Hund
  • Shaikh Deri
  • Kunda
  • Gar Munara
  • Dodher


  • To know about the perception of the communities regarding influential people belonging from the above mentioned villages and the drivers that involved in decision making among the lower and upper tribes (Biraderies).
  • To know about the overall impact of motorway on the livelihood of the communities that were residing near and on those who were lived far from motorway.


The total budget for this project was approx. budget of PKR. 0.9 Million.


The project lasted for a total of three months.


K&P Consultancy
Chief International
Delhi policy group
wana forum
Agriculture university
khyber pakhtunkhwa
ISLE of man
London school of economics and political science
university of peshawar
US aid


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