Payment Policy of Regional Institute of Policy Research and Training (RIPORT)

Payment Policy of Regional Institute of Policy Research and Training (RIPORT)

Payment procedure is an important aspect in every non-governmental organization. RIPORT follows the international standard procedure for payments. The payments procedure of RIPORT is discussed as under:

  1. Fund DisbursementAll the payments are made either by cheque or by cash.

    Payment by cash is made if the amount is less than 5000/- otherwise cross cheque will be issued to the concerned stakeholder. If there is need of any cash for the expenses below than 5000/- first request form will be generated for the expenses duly signed from Coordinator Finance and Program Coordinator project task management.

    1. Payment by Cheque

    (1) Payment for Purchases

    Payment against purchases exceeding 5000/- shall be made by cheque.

    (2) Payment for Services Rendered

    a. Payments for Staff Salaries

    i. Payment Calendar

    Staff salaries are paid within seven days following the completion of the month. Individual cheques are to be issued to the employee concerned or salary reimbursed collectively if the accounts are maintained in the same branch of Bank.

    ii. Staff payroll

    Staff payroll (salary sheet) is prepared by the Coordinator Finance as the basis of payment. The staff payroll contains information on the employees’ basic salary for the month, allowances if any, deductions and net salary payable. The staff payroll is checked by the Coordinator Program and/or Manager M&E and approved for payment by the Chairman RIPORT.

    iii. Advance Pay

    RIPORT employees may take advance payment of up to 1 month (after completion of 1 month probation), if urgently required. The advance must be returned/reimbursed before the end of that particular fiscal year.

    For travel purposes, RIPORT gives cash advances for expenses covered on official trips. Request for cash advances is prepared by the personnel concerned, recommended by the Coordinator Program or Manager M&E and is approved by the Chairman RIPORT. All cash advances for travel are to be liquidated within a week following the completion of the trip.

    iv. Tax Deduction at Source

    RIPORT deduct tax at source where applicable as per Government rules.

    (b). Payment for Contractual Services

    Payment for contractual services is done through cheque disbursements. The schedule of payment depends on the Terms of Reference (TOR) agreed upon by the personnel concerned and RIPORT. Payments are covered by a Request for Payment Form prepared by the Coordinator Finance, checked by Program Coordinator and approved by the Chairman RIPORT

    By Ihsan Ullah
    Finance Coordinator